Green Tea Talks


The Student Environment Centre hosts Green Tea Talks, which are weekly, student-driven conversation circles held around a fresh, warm pot of green (and other!) tea. Their aim is to build a community where all perspectives are welcome (and we mean all of them!), and all topics, from simple and safe to complex and possibly controversial, can be explored in a respectful, open manner, fostering solidarity, community and awareness around environmental issues.

Where? When?

Green Tea Talks are held in the Resource Groups Center lounge every Thursday at 12:30pm. Being a casual, open and pressure-free space, conversation can start any time afterwards; due to time constraints and classes, we like to end the event at 1:30pm to give enough time for people to get to where they need to go. A piping hot pot of tea will be served and you can have as much as you want! Snacks are on a week-by-week basis, so there may not always be some, but you can feel free to bring some if you like.


Green Tea Talks are coordinated and facilitated by a SEC volunteer member. If you have any questions concerning Green Tea Talks, you can email her at and she should respond within a day.

I want to talk about…

Suggestions for topics are always welcome! Topics include general concepts such as climate change and green living, all the way up to specific issues, hot topics and news of the week/month/year!

Submit your ideas using this Google Docs form here!

What’s the current topic this week?

Topics are sent out in our weekly newsletter.

See you there!

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