“Eco Advocacy” Coordinator.


  • Eco Advocacy (EA) Coordinator

Overall responsibility

  • A new and exciting leadership role to organize events and initiatives geared towards structural, large-scale societal change for sustainability and environmentalism!

Key areas of responsibility

  • Hosts EA meetings once a week and sets the agenda for them.
  • Coordinates a team that plans and executes initiatives and events in the frame of macro-scale issues and societal change (e.g. organizing/joining rallies, petitions, applying pressure for change in businesses and organizations)
  • Works with outreach and events coordinators, as well as the co-chairs, to ensure events planning and funding go smoothly.
  • Keeps documentation of event planning process, to facilitate future initiatives planning.
  • Communicates with members and execs throughout individual event planning processes to ensure a flow of information and updates.
  • Keeps track of similar events organized by UBC and Vancouver-based groups, and provides them in an accessible format to the membership.


  • Full-time or part-time UBC student.
  • Ability to commit to weekly hour long meetings.
  • Passionate about environmental issues, especially on scales of community action and advocacy.
  • Initiative in planning events to help make society greener.
  • Organization and communication skills are an asset.

Time commitment

  • Approximately 2-4hrs a week minimum, can be greater depending on your involvement.


  • If you are interested, send a small summary of your experience and why you’d be a good fit for the position to enviro@ams.ubc.ca, with “EA Coordinator Application” in the subject.

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