Current Executives for 2016-2017:


Co-Chair: Ela Bandari

Ela is a 2nd year Behavioural Neuroscience student in the Faculty of Science. She hopes to see the SEC image grow around campus and in the Greater Vancouver Area. She likes the atmosphere and identity of the group which is why she has kept coming back and wishes to continue the successes SEC has achieved in the past. When she is not in school or doing SECsi work, she enjoys nature hikes, literature, pottery and (poorly) rocking the ukulele. 

13909435_10210017681069642_8812991169526903571_oCo-Chair: Erik Alonso

Erik is a 2nd year student in the Faculty of Forestry studying Natural Resources Conservation. The structure and role of SEC within the UBC community appeals to him and he hopes to foster a cohesive and inclusive environment within the group this year. When Erik is not studying or at SEC, he is putting on puppet shows at the Beaty Biodiversity museum, ballin, writing cheesy songs on his guitar, riding his bike around town or watching bad TV.


Events Coordinator: Bilal Sayed

Bilal is a forestry student in his second year of the natural resources conservation program. He has been a member of SEC since his first year at UBC and I loves the group of people he get to work with, who are also committed to spreading awareness regarding environmental issues. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, playing the guitar and practicing Brazilian jiujitsu.


Outreach Coordinator: Athena Huynh

Athena Huynh is a 3rd year Science student majoring in Pharmacology. Ever since her first SEC meeting in 1st year, Athena has fallen in love with this Resource Group, its members, and all that they stand for. Therefore, she is excited to be the Outreach Coordinator for 2016-2017 and aims to increase the presence of SEC on campus by facilitating collaborations with other environmental groups. In this way, she hopes to encourage more students to take advantage of this amazing resource for promoting sustainable practices throughout the UBC community.


Treasurer: Julius Rusko

Julius is a 4th year Geography student with a concentration in Environment and Sustainability. Since joining SEC last year he has enjoyed how dedicated this group is towards raising awareness and numerous solutions to different environmental issues. He is therefore eager to become more involved with the wonderful people at SEC by being the treasurer for the upcoming year. In his free time Julius enjoys playing hockey, soccer, and traveling to new places.

img_4282Secretary: Jihyun Kim

Jihyun is a 2nd year Environmental Science student. She is passionate about the environment as well as wildlife conservation. As the new SECretary she hopes to take the opportunity this year to be more involved and get to know all the fantastic members. She would love to see SEC grow and become a greater part of the UBC community. She loves the great work that SEC does in promoting and implementing sustainability throughout UBC and is looking forward to what this year holds!


Free Store Coordinator: Bridget Trerise

Bridget is in her second year of Forest Resources Management. She chose to study forestry for the same reason that she became so interested in the Free Store last year: she is extremely passionate about her natural surroundings, and enjoys partaking in hands-on solutions to problems. She has always loved shopping at thrift stores, and grew up learning about why thrifting makes sense environmentally in a world of mass-consumerism. Her interest in the Free Store has led her to the lovely SEC family, and she is very excited to be able to promote campus sustainability as one of our executives this year.


Sustainability Reps Coordinator: Kendall McLaughlin

Kendall is a 5th year Forestry student taking Natural Resources Conservation. She grew up in Fort McMurray, AB and wants to save the world through sustainability. She has previous experience with Common Energy on the Zero Waste team and her own sustainability practices at home when she is bugging her roommates or family on how to compost and recycle. When Kendall has some free time, she is either Pokemoning, on roller blades or practicing yoga.

Past Executives



Co-Chair: Niklas Agarwal


Co-Chair: Athena Huynh


Treasurer: Siena Smith


Secretary: Emma Ward-Griffin


Events Coordinator: Sarah Park


Outreach Coordinator: Marina Melanidis


Subcommittee Coordinator: Zhenni Jiang


Free Store Coordinator: Caro Sanchez




Joe Peace



Marina Jenkins



Niklas Agarwal


Events Coordinator

Laura Stewart


Outreach Coordinator

Maya Graves



Emma Ward-Griffin


Sub-Committee Coordinator

Caro Sanchez


Sub-Committee Coordinator

Marina Stavroula




Sarah Fisher


Co Chair

Ivan Yastrebov



Chris Ketcheson


Patrick Fuller


Doing It Green Coordinator

Sam Dabrusin


Events Coordinator

Izzy Askin

Gillian Phair
Outreach Coordinator

Simon-Luc Noël
Media Coordinator
Eco Advocacy Coordinator

Chelsea Enslow

Artemis Lai

Jeff Sung

Rebecca Seifert

Nicole Lee

Hannah D’Souza

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