♻✿ UBC Free Store ✿♻

23960745_1563328627089552_1735747294_oWelcome to the UBC Free Store! We are a volunteer run collective of students with one ultimate goal; we aim to reuse, reduce and recycle products, clothing and consumer goods within the UBC community. This is to not only help out our fellow broke students by keeping useful things circulating, but to also encourage the rethinking and remodeling of the disposable consumer culture that we are all too familiar with.

Together we can all achieve a more sustainable lifestyle! The idea behind the free store is simple- you take what you need and donate what you don’t! There is nothing else to it, so come on by (and write in our guest book, we love reading your messages!). 

~Hours: 7am-12am (open whenever the Nest is!)~
~Location: Room 2102 of the Nest, Vancouver, BC~

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