The Student Environment Centre, along with the other AMS Resource Groups, operates a small library in the Resource Centre that is accessible to all UBC students. This collection contains a number of environment and sustainability themed works. Just drop by one of the Resource Group offices and ask someone to let you in.


SEC recommends these publications:

Online Articles:

Here are some useful links from all over the web:

UBC Environmental Links:

If you are looking for other campus organizations with a sustainability mandate, please check out the following:

  • The UBC Campus Sustainability Office In 1997, UBC became the country’s first university to implement a sustainable development policy. One year later, UBC opened Canada’s first Campus Sustainability Office. Today, in areas ranging from academia to waste reduction, thousands of campus community members are taking part in UBC’s innovative sustainability initiatives.
  • UBC SEEDS In 2001, UBC launched Canada’s first program bringing together students, faculty and staff to address sustainability issues. SEEDS (social, Ecological, Economic Development Studies) projects range from studying wastewater treatment alternatives to designing new waste bins to help custodial staff avoid injuries. Any staff member with an interest in collaboration, faculty who wish to contribute, or students interested in gaining real-world experience can apply to become part of this program.

More resources will be added soon!

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