Funding Application.

Apply For Funding

The UBC Student Environment Centre supports many local grassroots initiatives with funding, volunteers, etc. If you have an idea for a project (e.g. event, program, campaign, etc.) which is concerned with sustainability and/or the environment, we would love to hear it! Please feel free to fill out one of the funding applications below and send it to to be considered for SEC funding. Then, if you would like, come to one of our meetings to propose your idea (optional).

Please allow several weeks of notice to ensure that we are able to consider your proposal before the project date. Our meetings occur weekly, on Tuesdays from 5-6 PM in Room 2102 of the AMS Student Nest, and all funding applications submitted before Sunday morning will be discussed at the meeting that week; otherwise, it will be moved to the agenda for the week after. Furthermore, we recommend that you be as specific as possible in your proposal so that we do not have to send it back with additional questions, delaying the process.

SEC Fund: Resource Guidelines

Download Funding Application for Initiatives under $100 here.
Download Funding Application for Initiatives $100 – $500 here.
Download Funding Application for Initiatives over $500 here.


  • Your project must relate to sustainability or environmental issues, which may be either on or off campus*.
  • Your event must be open to all UBC students.
  • You must keep in contact with the SEC Treasurer throughout the planning process, during the implementation of the project, and afterward, to provide us with a summary of how things turned out.
  • You must maintain clear financial documentation of your project and provide all requested proof-of-purchases within 2 weeks of your initiative/event in order to receive reimbursements from the Eco-Initiatives fund.

*Even though your project may not relate directly to the environment, we highly encourage you to make your event(s) as eco-friendly as possible by referring to the SEC Fund: Resource Guidelines above. In that case, we would consider funding your event in order to promote the culture of sustainability at UBC.


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