Funding Application.

Apply For Funding

Please read through this page completely before submitting for funding. Please be aware that there are two fund types available on this page: the main SEC Fund and the additional RGAC Fund (which is briefly prefaced at the bottom of this page).

About the SEC Fund:

The Student Environment Centre supports many local grassroots initiatives with funding. If you have an idea for a project (event, program, campaign, etc.) that is concerned with sustainability and/or the environment, we would love to hear about it!

Please feel free to fill out one of the funding applications below and send it to to be considered for SEC funding. We also highly recommend coming to one of our meetings or scheduling an appointment to present, discuss and answer questions about your funding application. In doing so, the application process can be more conducive for the approval of the proposal.

Please allow at least two-three weeks of notice before your initiative’s start date to ensure that we are able to consider your proposal before the project date. Our meetings occur biweekly during the academic year, in Room 2102 of the AMS Student Nest (1 pm every other Tuesday for TERM 2). Our next meeting will be announced on our Instagram @secubc. An email will be sent from us following the submission inviting your organization to join us for the discussion of the proposal.

SEC Fund: Resource Guidelines

 Requirements for SEC Funding:

  • Your project must relate to sustainability or environmental issues, which may be either on or off campus.*
  • Your event must be open to all UBC students. Our available funding comes through UBC student fees, and therefore your event should focus primarily on concepts that are applicable to and should be accessible (within reason) to all UBC students.
  • You must remain in contact with SEC executives throughout the planning process, during the implementation of the project, and after the project has been completed, to provide us with a summary of how things turned out.
  • You must maintain clear financial documentation of your project and provide all requested proof-of-purchases within 2 weeks of your initiative/event in order to receive reimbursements.
  • Your project sincerely strives towards zero waste or minimal waste, educates the community on socio-environmental topics, and exemplifies forward thinking sustainable practices.
  • You have read and implemented the recommendations in the SEC Fund: Resource Guidelines above.

*Even though your project may not relate directly to the environment, we encourage you to make your event(s) as eco-friendly as possible by referring to the SEC Fund: Resource Guidelines above. In order to promote the culture of sustainability at UBC, we would consider funding events not directly related to environmental issues provided there has been a clear commitment to making the event as sustainable as possible.

Note: We will not approve funding for airline costs or accommodation, regardless of the sustainable initiative that is to be attended. This is due to SEC wanting to only approve funding for projects and events that impact the wider UBC community, rather than at the individual level.

We highly recommend that you be as specific as possible in your application so that we do not have to send it back with additional questions, delaying the process.

Application Forms:

Download the Funding Application for Under $100 here.
Download the Funding Application for $100 – $500 here.
Download the Funding Application for Over $500 here.

How to Submit Funding Applications:

Completed forms can be emailed to (preferred) or dropped off at our office, Room 2106 of in the AMS Student Nest (within Room 2102). The executive team and other active members of SEC would be happy to help you formulate your project as well as assist with its development and applications for funding.

How to Collect Reimbursements:

If your funding application is approved, SEC will reimburse you for the specified purchases and expenses. You must provide our Treasurer with receipts and/or proof-of-purchases. Reimbursement usually takes about 5 business days and can be picked up from the AMS offices on the 3rd floor of the AMS Student Nest. Please bring a valid ID when you go to collect the reimbursement. In the event that a student is unable to make the necessary purchase(s) to start their project, arrangements for advance funding can be made.

Additional Funding Opportunity – Resource Groups Allocation Committee Funding
The Resource Groups at UBC are mandated and receive funding through the AMS. We are the Social Justice Centre, the Women’s Centre, the Pride Collective, the Student  Environment Centre, and Colours Connected Against Racism. One of the main goals is to provide resources to our community. Through this, we are able to provide funding to individuals and organizations who are working on an event, project, program, or other initiatives that touch on some combination of our collective values of: justice, relationality, compassion accountability. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We encourage everyone to share widely and reach out to us at or if you have any questions or concerns!

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