Responsible Consumption Week

Hey all! We are gearing up for RCW next week so I thought we’d have a record of the schedule up here. Just 5 days!!!

Stuff Swap: ALL DAY EVERYDAY! Monday – Tuesday (Inside the Sub) and Wednesday – Friday (Sub South Entrance)
· You can bring out your old clothes and unwanted treasures to swap them with others. We will also be collecting e-waste/batteries which we will recycle for you!!!
o We are looking for people to man this both so if you want to help out check out the attached spread sheet and let us know when you can come out.

Threads Workshop: Monday 12:30pm – 2pm in Sub 207/209
· Learn how to knit simple dishcloths and repair your old and ripped clothing. Feel free to come by at any time and we’ll get you started. You can bring an article of clothing to work on or just come out and practice. If you are knitting, there will be a deposit of $3 if you need to borrow knitting needles outside of workshop time.

Scavenger Hunt: Thursday 11am – 3pm South Entrance with the Stuff Swap
· You could win a $20 MEC GIFT CERTIFICATE by coming out and completing our Responsible Consumption scavenger hunt.
o Teams can have up to 3 people. To create a team you can email us at, come by the stuff swap Mon-Wed or just come by on Thursday!!!

Potluck: Friday 4pm – 7pm in the Resource Center (upstairs in the Sub)
· Come out, bring GREEN FOOD (interpret how you will) and watch the scavenger hunt awards be passed out!!! We will also be watching Wall-E and just hanging out having a good time to wrap up the week!


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