An Ocean View: introduction

Hello readers!

This is Simon-Luc, your Public Relations Officer here at the Student Environment Centre of UBC! After a summer full of fun, it’s nice to get back to UBC and really steep myself into what will eventually become my life’s work: biology, oceanography, marine creatures and environmental awareness. What better way to do that than to shake it up and talk about marine life on this blog?

As many know, the ocean is in somewhat dire straits right now, what with ocean acidification, an only-expanding overfishing problem and plastic pollution being only a few of the threats that besiege our deep blue. I think there is a great deal to be gotten by figuring out the problems and challenges we face, but I also believe that it is important to remind people just WHY our oceans should be saved! This is why, starting next week and on every Wednesday, I will offer you a glimpse into the strange, sometimes-scary, but always awesome world that lies under the waves.

From the varied oceanic ecosystems that support marine life, to the creatures and plants that make it all happen; from the ancient myths that inspired humanity since its dawn, to the modern activities and meanings it holds today; from the bare-bones problems that our oceans face, to the people, places and dreams that are ensuring its survival; all of these things and more, you will get to discover.

My goal is not only to teach, but to inspire you to learn ever more and to take action to preserve our undersea world. I want to cultivate a different world view. An Ocean View.


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