SEC Elections

Vote online from Friday at 8am until 2pm, or in person at our meeting from 2pm to 3pm in SUB 245.


Co Chair (Pick Two)

Marina Jenkins

Hello SEC members! I am a second year geography major here at UBC and have been involved with SEC for two years now, this past year as Events Coordinator, and would love to continue my third year as co chair. I have been involved with many local and international environmental initiatives over the past 4 years including WWF, the David Suzuki Foundation and several leadership conferences. I want to be co chair at SEC because I think I’m good at taking everyone’s ideas, putting them together and making them a reality and I want to help make everyone’s experience with the group as fulfilling as possible, to make it easy to participate and make tangible change on campus. I’ve also been wanting to create more collaboration projects with other student groups and the greater Vancouver community. I am a huge fan of organization, I am very dedicated and goal oriented. Please consider me for this position.

Joe Peace

My name is Joe Peace and I have been the Outreach Coordinator at the Student Environment Centre since November 2013. I believe that the experiences have had in this position have given me the skills necessary to be successful as one of your next Co-Chairs. As Outreach Coordinator, I have boosted SEC’s online presence through targeted social media advertizing, helping to highlight SEC’s position as a relevant and active environmental group on campus. Addditionally, I have reached out to several clubs, organizations and individuals in order to collaborate on a number of events and causes. This has included reaching out to panelists for SECSI Week events, producing endorsements for candidates and referendum outcomes in the AMS Elections, and planning and executing an event in collaboration with the AMS Bike Co-op. If elected as Co-Chair, I would use what I have learned through these experiences to continue building SEC’s presence throughout the campus community. I would achieve this through building on and forming collaborations with clubs and organizations on and off campus, reinforcing SEC’s position as the most inclusive and extensive environmental group at UBC.



Niklas Agarwal

Hi SEC my name is Niklas Agarwal and it has been my pleasure to get to know all of you this past year as a general member in this resource group. I’m a first year student in the faculty of Arts with a future major planned in Environment and Sustainability in Geography. I’m super passionate about sustainability especially at a micro community based level which is why I want to get further involved with SEC by being the Treasurer. I believe what SEC does is really unique and I want to continue facilitating a more sustainable campus by managing the finances of this organization. I am super dedicated to this club as evident by the fact that I’ve only missed two meetings in the year and always participate in discussion at our meetings. I hope to bring my organization skills from running two past businesses to the table if I were to be elected Treasurer, and help manage the financial integrity of SEC. I hope I can count on your vote SEC!



Emma Ward-Griffin

As most of you probably know I’m been one of the Eco Advocacy Coordinators for the past year.  I’m looking forward to helping organize and volunteer at events, as well as attend general meetings and Eco Advocacy meetings and helping to add to discussions.  I feel that in my first year I’ve learned a lot about SEC- including important skills such as knowing the office code and boothing.  As secretary, I would be dedicated to attending meetings, taking notes, posting the notes, and checking and responding to emails, as well as helping in other ways needed.  My vision for SEC is to see it become bigger to make a bigger environmental impact on campus and to continue the club after many of the current executives have graduated.


Events Coordinator

Laura Stewart

I would like to apply for the events coordinator position. I am organized, enthusiastic, and I would love to be a more active member of the SEC next year. I plan to continue organizing invasive species pulls, perhaps revive green tea talks, and coordinate other such events that the club wants to do.


Outreach Coordinator

Joe Peace

My name is Joe Peace and I have been the Outreach Coordinator at the Student Environment Centre since November 2013. During this time I have boosted SEC’s online presence through social media outlets, reached out and collaborated with a number of clubs, organizations and individuals, and assisted in planning and executing several events. These efforts have helped to build SEC’s reputation as a professional and active environmental organization on campus. If re-elected, I would continue to use the skills I have gained to highlight SEC’s role as an integral part of the UBC campus community, as well as to draw attention to the causes and issues the group is committed to. I would pay particular attention to expanding our use of social media, using these tools to deliver SEC’s support for various initiatives in an effective and professional manner.

Maya Graves-Bacchus

Hello!  I am a third year in the English Honours program! The position of Outreach Coordinator calls to me as I would love to facilitate the interaction of the diverse environmental groups on campus and around the province. Although such groups often have different goals and focuses, all are advocates for justice and the respect for our planet and the lives we lead. It would be my pleasure to further bring the activism of UBC and BC under a collective spearhead for events, discussion and action.
I have had experience in a variety of environmental associations such as Greenpeace and Common Energy and would love to deepen my involvement with SEC as I approach my final year at UBC. In addition, I am currently working on a couple of independent projects: recycling unwanted materials from restaurants and creating a short film about veggie oil conversion! Please vote for me – I am eager to contribute to the ideas and energy(the good kind) on our wonderful campus!

Doing It Green Coordinator

Carolina Sánchez

Hello fellow SEC members! My name is Carolina and I am in my first year in the faculty of Science, planning to major in Biology and Environmental Sciences. I am extremely passionate about conserving our environment and encouraging people to reconsider the way they live in relation to their surroundings. I am applying to be the Doing it Green Coordinator in order to spread awareness within the UBC community, through different events and campaigns, on how we can lead more environmentally friendly lifestyles. I have had ample experience working on similar projects here at UBC as part of Common Energy and the SEC Eco-advocacy team and also back home where I was the founder and president of an ecological committee at my school that worked on a variety of small-scale ecological projects including the implementation of many initiatives such as campaigns to recycle waste and paper; to reduce water and light consumption; to reuse waste materials to produce crafts; to install compost bins and to build a vegetable garden. I am looking forward to get this chance to get further involved with SEC and hope to have your support!

Eco Advocacy Coordinator

No Candidates

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