As the 2018-2019 year almost comes to an end, it’s time to elect a new group of executives to continue to lead SEC.

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Co-chair (1)

Ella Kim-Marriott

My name is Ella Kim-Marriott, and I am applying for the position of outreach coordinator, but also wanted to mix in a suggested role of PR and media coordinator. I am in my second year at UBC, studying human geography and sociology, because my area of interest is consumerism. I would be a good exec member of SEC because I am a passionate environmentalist, an outgoing individual, and because I am particularly media savvy and familiar with outreach/education. My experience includes being the social media coordinator among other things for the UBC Free Store, the coordinator for Greenpeace’s Vancouver branch of the greenspeakers educational program (we do elementary school and high school presentations on various environmental topics), I also volunteer with Sprouts/seedlings on campus, I am an ongoing volunteer with the UBC botanical garden, SPEC and Greenpeace, I was the president of the environmental club and student council of my high school, and currently I work at NADA, which is a package free/low waste grocery store and cafe. I would love to use videography to help with SEC’s online presence. I also really want to collaborate with other environmental groups on campus to make a UBC wide zero waste guide, detailing where to eat, what environmental groups/resources exist and overall trying to make low/zero waste living seem more accessible to students.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing back!

Kind regards,

Ella Kim-Marriot

Co-chair (2)

Odie Huynh

Treasurer (1)

Odie Huynh

Hi SEC Team,

My name is Odie, a second year in Integrated Sciences, and I would like to apply for an exec position for SEC 2019/2020! Currently, I am the treasurer of SEC for this fiscal school year, and previously worked as a general member. Overall, my experiences as a member of SEC have helped me reify and educate my views of sustainability, to one that is zero-waste, accountable, and practical. Although I do not have a specific role in mind to contribute in SEC, I would be more than happy to continue as a treasurer. This is because I believe that I have had invaluable experience of going through the complications associated with dealing with finances, such as back-log and improper proof of payment. However, just as SEC is a resource to the wonderful environmental initiatives that take place at UBC, I would like to be a resource to SEC in any way possible, be it as a treasurer, or even a co-chair.

This was just a short excerpt of what being a SEC exec means to me, and thank you for taking the time to read this!

Terrific trees,


Free Store Coordinator (1)

Kiri Ashley

Hello all!

It’s Kiri here, and I’m sending this blurb as my application for the UBC Free Store Coordinator and SEC RGAC Representative. 

I love my position as co-coordinator of the UBC Free Store and working with SEC through the position in meetings and public involvement opportunities where we collaborate.  My involvement with the UBC Free Store makes me feel that I can make a positive impact within the university community and even on a larger scale by combining a passion for fashion and the environment through social consciousness of this young generation, who we see, especially this year, taking leaps and bounds to make their voices heard about the present crisis of the environment. This past year with the UBC Free Store, alongside my wonderful friend and collaborator, Bridget, has let me lead a role of facilitation for other volunteers, and has provided an opportunity to maintain a place for those within the community who are interested in being part of a circular economy, or who are in need of access to free items regardless of their situation. We have had multiple successful events to promote the UBC Free Store, and have assisted in the promotion of consumer-conscious economies across campus (especially with the recent referendum). I would love to be able to continue this role with the Free Store as well as taking on a more permanent position as a representative (proxy voter and debater) for SEC in the RGAC for this coming year. Of course, I would be happy to continue to share the role of Coordinator of the Free Store with anyone else interested, should that be the case. 

Thank you, 


Outreach (2)

RGAC Representative

Kiri Ashley

Potential Candidate: Monique Guevara

SEC Newsletter (1)

Author 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 : Farima Ghorbani


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