Executive Positions for Elections

Co-Chairs (2):

  1. Act as the primary representatives of SEC to the UBC community at large.
  2. Conduct and facilitate meetings on a regular basis.
  3. Work to make SEC a visible organization on campus.
  4. Support project coordinators.
  5. Send out regular email newsletters in coordination with the Secretary.
  6. Prepare agendas for meetings
  7. Maintain an updated website.
  8. Confirm receipt of funding proposals and follow up with announcement of decision.
  9. Manage paperwork and other occurrences relating to SEC as necessary.


  1. Acts as the sole signing officer of SEC.
  2. Prepares the annual budget in consultation with other members.
  3. Maintains comprehensive records of all financial transactions.
  4. Provides an orientation for the incoming treasurer.
  5. Checks the SEC folder provided by the AMS at the Financial Office.
  6. Ensures that the SEC budget is met.
  7. Follows the guidelines for the treasurer role as set out by the AMS.

Events Coordinator:

  1. Ensures that events and activities are run on a regular basis
  2. Supports initiatives by recruiting volunteers, scheduling shifts, and liaising with organizers.  
  3. Organizes socials for active SEC members to foster a sense of community 
  4. Plans activities for all members to increase environmental awareness 
  5. Coordinates planning and promotion of said events with the Outreach Coordinator.


  1. Takes minutes of all SEC meetings and archives them on the website in coordination with the Co-Chairs.
  2. Appoints a substitute to take minutes if they are unable to attend a meeting.
  3. Takes care of office paperwork in coordination with the Co-Chairs.
  4. Sends out regular email newsletters in coordination with the Co-Chairs.

Outreach Coordinator

  1. Communicates with other environmental groups on campus
  2. Consults with other environmental groups in the city, province, etc.
  3. Liaises with campus media outlets, including CiTR, the Ubyssey, the Talon, and others.
  4. Provides support in advertising SEC events.
  5. Ensures that SEC has a visible presence on campus through social media and promotional products

Free Store Coordinator:

  • Manage the UBC Free Store and any volunteers
  • Manage the UBC Free Store email and social media
  • Plan events for outreach and promotion of the Free Store
  • Be involved with SEC as an executive, relay important information, and provide support for mutual events

General Executives:

  • Involved in helping and organising where possible
  • Attend meetings and are active in voting and planning 


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