Executive Postions

SEC is scouting for executives! We have four positions available, so check out the corresponding pages (sidebar) and send your applications to enviro@ams.ubc.ca if you are interested.

The Student Environment Centre is an AMS Resource Group for students concerned about environmental issues and want to increase campus awareness of the subject. We host three large annual events that focus on environmental concerns specific to Vancouver and BC. In the fall, we organize Save Our Seas (SOS) to critically examine what humans take from (food, oil) and put back (garbage) into our oceans. In the winter, we host Responsible Consumption Week (RCW), where we examine the environmental impact of our culture’s obsession with consumption and rapid growth. Finally, during the summer, we arrange a 2 – 3 day bike trip to Wildwood, a sustainably logged forest on Vancouver Island, and learn about logging practices in BC.

Throughout the year, we also review and vote on funding proposals from current UBC students in need of funding for a sustainable project for their classes, their dorms, and their neighborhoods.

RCW Coordinator
Outreach Liaison
Public Relations


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