Enviro Links. Week of Jan 17.

Interesting issues linked with global warming.

Are we panicking too much over the aflockalypse? Similar idea.

On a related note (this is old, but relevant), the extinction crisis.

BC salmon in warming waters. Science paper.

Effects of human research on wildlife. Penguins specifically.

Fat as fuel. At the same time, one may want to look up Tyson’s track record.

Carbon sequestering. Perhaps not the best idea in waste management.

Mandates needed to head off the next oil spill.

The food bubble. The kind that bursts.


2 responses to “Enviro Links. Week of Jan 17.

  1. It is sad to hear that penguins are potentially being harmed by I.D. arm bands, and unfortunate it took (at least) 10 years to realize it. However, it is good this problem has been recognized so that researchers can take steps to change their identification methods in the future.

    ‘Penguins’ reminded me of Pedro– the giant ~5 ft fossilized penguin they found in Peru!! That’s one tall penguin. He is also believed to have been twice as heavy as the Emperor Penguin. For more details, see:

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