Keeping in the Green

With all of the new green marketing out these days, it can feel like you need to buy all of the latest eco-friendly gear in order to save the planet. Organic food, organic local clothing, hand-made furniture and hybrid cars are all cool, but not something that everyone can afford.

As a student, I’m always looking to save money. I’m guessing you are too. That is why I decided to start researching how to save money and lessen your footprint at the same time.

This is a brief intro what I hope will become a weekly posting… for now I’ll leave you with my favorite way to save money, go light on the environment, and look damn cool while doing it(if I do say so myself!).

Shop at thrift stores

from clothes to furniture to random awesome decorations, thrift stores are a wealth of cool stuff just waiting to happen.
As a bonus, costs are usually much lower than the original store prices, and you are helping to reduce the production of new materials by recycling!

Just to rub in how cool thrift stores are, heres a picture of some very suave young people google images claims are clad in thrift store clothing.
Thrift Store kids - From


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