ÜberDrop :: We Are Water

What happens when you combine one photographer, one organizer, 1,500 square feet of cardboard, two cans of paint, four paint rollers, an army of volunteers, and one BIG idea?

The Überdrop. You get…the Überdrop.

This is a birds eye view timelapse of the event.

Inspired by umbrella demonstrations in recent news, blue droppers in Vancouver are going to turn 350 umbrella-sized drops, which we’ll hold over our heads, into one, gigantic ÜBERDROP!

The ÜberDrop is a creative activism campaign dedicated to highlighting the importance of clean water for the people of British Columbia. Instead of focusing on the “no”s- no pipelines, no tankers, no pollution, no destruction- ÜberDrop offers a chance to say yes: yes to access to clean, safe water for all. With this yes, the campaign encompasses all the issues the ocean and rivers face in this day and age.


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