A big welcome to our new executive board!

Thank you so much for participating in the AGM and elections for next year’s executive board!
The results are formally announced below:

Co-chairs: Sarah Fisher and Ivan Yastrebov!
Treasurer: Patrick Fuller!
Secretary: Chris Ketcheson!
Events Coordinator: Izzy Askin!
Outreach Coordinator: Gillian Phair!
DIG Coordinator: Sam Dabrusin!
EA Coordinator: Simon-Luc Noël!

Thank you as well to everyone who ran for positions in the elections! A reminder to you that the work of the Student Environment Centre is driven by our volunteers and members: we look forward to collaborate with eco-minded students of UBC in a capacity that is inclusive, horizontal and fun!

Be on the lookout in the coming days for the agenda for our next meeting, and until then, have yourselves an excellent weekend!


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