By Election Candidates

The By Election is taking place Tuesday November 19th at 1:00 in room 245 of the SUB. Come out to our general meeting to vote!

Eco Advocacy Coordinators

The Following Candidates are running together.

Emma Ward

Hi, I’m Emma and I am in first year arts (I’ll be around for years!). I’m interesting in environmental change and helping to make UBC (and the world) more sustainable and make policy changes. In high school I was in the environmental club and I have advertising and organizing experience with the many projects we did.

Marina Melanidis

Hi! I’m a first-year in the Natural Resource Conservation program in the Faculty of Forestry. For the past two years I was a green ambassador for my home-town (Richmond!) where I met with students of other high schools and organized the REaDY (Richmond Earth Day Youth) Summit for 2012 and 2013. In 2013 I was the Co-MC! I was also an executive member of the Natural Club at my school. I am passionate about the environment and I want to help make a difference at UBC by taking on a bigger role in SEC. I hope I get your vote!


Outreach Coordinator:

Joe Peace

My name is Joe Peace and I’m running for Outreach Coordinator. I am a fourth year Political Science major and I believe I have the skills, interests and experience required to exceed the responsibilities of this role. I have spent my time at UBC getting involved on campus, throughout Vancouver and beyond. I have written articles for the Ubyssey, maintained bicycles for the AMS Bike Co-op and held several internship positions across the not-for-profit and private sectors, including working for an environmental consulting firm. These experiences have built on my technical skills through making use of various online tools and resources, as well as giving me the opportunity to work with government and private stakeholders, honing my communication skills. I have developed a solid understanding of sustainability issues that affect UBC students and I am eager to apply my skills to promote sustainable and socially responsible causes across campus.

Natasha Han

My name is Natasha Han, I’m a first-year student in the Faculty of Arts, and I’m interested in the position because I would like to gain more experience in environmental marketing, and as I am already the Sustainability Representative of the Gage Residence Association, it does open up more opportunities for SEC and Gage to collaborate on events in the future. I also have experience in marketing (especially on social media) as part of my past PA jobs.


Hope to see you at the meeting!




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