Got a bright idea for a project that can improve sustainability and promote environmental awareness and activism at UBC? The SEC can help! We provide funding, organizational support and volunteers to make your ideas come to life.

Steps to Submitting a Successful Proposal:

1. Form a concrete plan regarding what your project will entail.

Have an idea for a project but don’t know how you could implement it? Come to one of our weekly meetings and we will devote time to helping you flesh out your idea and recruit like-minded individuals to assist you. Be sure to send us an email at so we can add you to our agenda for the meeting.

2. Fill out and submit funding application form

Funding Applications and instructions can be found HERE. Be sure to give us as many details as possible, including a detailed breakdown of how you will be allocating the funds we give you!

3. Present project at meeting

Attending the meeting your project is being presented at is optional, but makes the process much faster if we have any questions regarding the proposal that need to be answered before granting approval .


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