Doing It Green

Doing it Green is a SEC sub-committee dedicated to providing sustainable options and incentives to go waste free for UBC students.

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Back to the Hankies

To provide UBC students with an alternative to paper towels, Back to the Hankies sells handkerchiefs at cost in the SUB each month. The handkerchiefs are organic cotton, produced on Vancouver Island by Hankettes, a Canadian business dedicated to providing sustainable alternatives to paper product consumption.

Interested in getting involved with the SEC but want to work on a project that’s already up and running? We are always looking for volunteers to help run the booth and organize events for the campaign!

The Veggie Campaign

The Veggie Campaign is dedicated to developing programs to increase awareness in the student population of where our food comes from. Past projects have included screening informational videos about factory farming, paired with the reward of a free Sprouts Brownie. This campaign is ongoing.


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