Fall General Meeting – October 13, 2011

Come out to our Fall General Meeting in two weeks time!

This will  be a regular “event planning” meeting, but the first half of the meeting will be dedicated to electing NEW EXECUTIVE!
So if you’ve ever wanted to be on the executive for a club, this is your chance! None of the positions require specific experience, although we suggest that the new co-chair be familiar with the group and the resource groups.
Just sos you know, being an executive is super fun, looks awesome on your resume, and makes you cool  new friends (Promise!)
All positions will also be provided full training.

Positions that we are looking to fill include:

Secretary : take minutes, send minutes, post minutes to the website and check the email and mail

Co-Chair: help facilitate meetings, plan agendas for meetings, be a general “go to” person for the club. Past experience with the resource groups is preferred but not required.

Public Relations Officer (Media Coordinator): Update facebook page, website, occasionally send emails.

Responsible Consumption Week Coordinator: Be the go-to person for our yearly conference!

possible extra positions include Social Coordinator and General Events Coordinator – depending on interest.


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