September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016

This meeting was held at 4 PM at the AMS Resource Group Lounge (Nest Rm 2102)

SEC- First Meeting of the year!

Executive and Group Introductions.

Funding Proposal:

UBC Environmental Policy Association

Amount Requested: $450  

Event: Climate Talks twice a month (20-40 people)

Drinks, snacks, meals. Banners. Website

Decision: Conditionally Approved. Send back for more details on food sources

Ideas for projects from members

  • Grocery store: pick up on that?
  • Sweaters during the winter time – campaign, contest, talking to residences heating control)
  • Composting in first year residences
  • Water bottle share: having a company provide reusable bottles—or reusing old ones found after lectures
  • SLC being less wasteful, check up the sponsorships
  • Continuing the “Being an environmentalist in Uni” video
  • Expanding out-reach— Writing, The Ubessey, the Facebook page, the website
  • Starting an Instagram account
  • Banning plastic water bottles- petition phase

Meeting Adjourned


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