Annual General Meeting: Open Positions

Here are the positions currently open to election! Click on the name of the position for a more detailed look at their responsibilities.

Co-chair (2)

The co-chairs are the general administrators of the club. They are in charge of checking emails, setting agendas for meetings, keeping communication lines within SEC open, working with all execs and members in an inclusive manner, and generally informing the direction of the group.


The treasurer is in charge of the finances of the organization. They set the budget and ensure the group keeps in line with it, as well as process reimbursements, deposits and funding proposals.


The secretary helps with paperwork, minutes and communication within the group. They take minutes at every meeting and ensure they are sent out in a timely manner, as well as checking the (e)mail from time to time and bringing important things to the group’s attention.

Events Coordinator

The events coordinator can be a fulfilling and active position within the club, or a relaxed and social position, depending on what you want to do. They are in charge of planning and executing a variety of general, community and social events pertaining to environmentalism, with the help of members and executives of SEC.

Outreach Coordinator

Along with the co-chairs, the outreach coordinator acts as the face and voice of SEC for other environmental groups. They keep in contact with groups whose mandates fall within ours, inform them of the resources and opportunities SEC offers, and also inform SEC members of the opportunities available in other groups and initiatives. They also work with events coordinators to promote events and the group in general.

Doing It Green Coordinator

The DIG coordinator is a leadership position focused on micro-scale, personal behavior change initiatives. They round up and work with a team of members and volunteers to set up events that encourage people to examine their current behaviors, and guide them towards a more sustainable path.

Eco Advocacy Coordinator

The EA coordinator is the counterpart to the DIG coordinator focused on macro-scale, societal change initiatives. They work with a team of like-minded volunteers to organize initiatives like rallies, petitions, information sessions and conferences, and bring to light large-scale environmental issues that require community action and pressure on government, organizations and businesses for sustainable change.


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